J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.19 No.3)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.19 No.3 がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。



Original Articles

1. Evaluation of Stress Situation of Female Nurses Working in Wards Based on the Survey Data
Hatsuko FURUYA, Kyoko ISHIGAKI and Haruhiko NISHIMURA
pp. 155-165

2. Index of Metallic Taste from Lightness Distribution of Real Images
Takumi ISHIWATA, Kishio TAMURA and Akihiko ITAMI
pp. 167-176

3. Comprehending Security through Shannon’s Communication Model
Yasufumi AMARI
pp. 177-187

4. A Salivary Cytokine Panel Discriminates Moods States Following a Touch Massage Intervention
Masaki YAMAGUCHI, Takayasu SEKINE and Vivek SHETTY
pp. 189-198

5. Effects of Scent and Music on Moods and Stress in the Confined Resting Area
Chen ZHOU, Fumihiro SHUTOH, Hiroshi KOMADA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 199-205

6. Shape Recognition and Center of Mass
– How Educational Backgrounds in Engineering and Art & Design Affect Aesthetic and Stability Evaluations towards Self-supporting Shape Objects-
Emika OKUMURA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 207-216

7. A User-centered Auditory Design in Interaction Between Electric Vehicle and Pedestrian
Han ZHANG and Seung Hee LEE
pp. 217-226

8. Kansei Decision Tree: Proposal of a Modeling Method for Decision-making Processes
Hiroko SHOJI, Yuri HAMADA and Atsushi INOUE
pp. 227-234

9. Group Games, Trust & Cooperation
– Playing Dance Games and Having Increased Impressions of Group Energy Lead to Higher Levels of Trust amongElementary School Children –
Rodrigo FERNANDES, Xing XIE and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 245-257

Translated Articles

Relationship between the Shape and Spacing of Convex Points and the Roughness Sensation in a Dot Pattern Texture
Junpei AIZAWA and Masayoshi KAMIJO
pp. 235-244

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