J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.21 No.1)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.21 No.1 がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。


Original Articles

1.An Appraisal of Gracefulness Mediates the Negative Influence of Color Focality on Color Preference in Japan
Siyuan FANG, Yoshimasa TAWATSUJI and Tatsunori MATSUI
pp. 1-11

2.Effects of Space Discrepancy and Latency on the Sense of Agency with Discrete and Continuous Operations
Qiuyu YANG and Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA
pp. 13-22

3.Fear Assessment in Information Security Dialog Box based on Hybrid Kansei Engineering and KJ Method
Noor Afiza MAT RAZALI, Nurjannatul Jannah Aqilah MD SAAD, Muslihah WOOK, Nor Asiakin HASBULLAH, Normaizeerah MOHD NOOR and Khairul Khalil ISHAK
pp. 23-32

4.Mood Estimation Method in a Group Using Smartwatches to Support Positive Tourism Experiences
Akihiro OGINO and Yusuke IKEMATSU
pp. 33-42

5.Relaxation Induced by Comfortable Thermal Stimulation of the Feet Presented with Various Sensory Stimuli
– Evaluation via Autonomic Nervous Activity –
Seiya FUJIWARA, Haruki OITA, Mayumi UEMAE, Hiroaki YOSHIDA and Masayoshi KAMIJO
pp. 43-53

6.Research on Public Service Facilities for Customers with Children in Shopping Malls
– Case Study on Ario-Kameari, Aeonmall-Hinode and LaLaport-Tachikawa Tachihi –
Qian ZHANG, Haruka SOGABE and Yoshitsugu MORITA
pp. 55-66

7.The Impression of Deliciousness through Food Photography
– A Photographer’s Approach to Test the Commonly Manipulated Factors and the Interactions on the Food Image Creation Process –
Oscar Eduardo SAKAY RODRIGUEZ, Soh MASUKO and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 67-76


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