J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.14 No.4)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.14 No.4がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。
Original Articles
  1. Mood Change Caused by ‘Active Art’ that Encourages Touching and Grasping Movements 
    Evaluation of when Operating the ‘Let’s Draw Fireworks!’ Program-/ Kiyomi YOSHIOKA/ pp.253 – 257

  2. Chinese Sensitivity Analysis for the Interior Design of the Automobile/ HyungKun YOON, Kaili FU, Junjun ZHOU, Tian ZHUO and Danwa CHEN/  pp.259 – 268

  3. Causal Relationship between Lighting Conditions and Visual Expectation of Food Products 
    – A Potential of Memory Color – / Takashi TSUJIMURA and Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA / pp.269 – 277

  4. A Study of Visualization on Interactive Interface Design Patterns in Mobile e-Books-/ Chao-Ming WANG and Ching-Hua HUANG/ pp.279 – 288

  5. Construction of Knowledge and Capacity of Green Creativity of Paper Model: Using Model Toys as Examples/ Hong-Yi CHEN, Jui-Che TU and Chuan-Ying HSU/ pp.289 – 298

  6. Analyses of Local Mascot Characters and Proposal of Automatic Character Creation System Using Affective Words/ Maho HOTOGI and Masafumi HAGIWARA / pp.299 – 307

  7. Exploring Emotion in an E-learning System Using Eye Tracking/ Saromporn CHAROENPIT and Michiko OHKURA/ pp.309 – 316

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