J-STAGEに公開されました(International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.17 No.3)

International Journal of Affective Engineering Vol.17 No.3がJ-STAGEに公開されました 。


Original Articles

1. The Study on the Perception of Taiwanese and Immigrant towards the Imagery of the Culture Code Applied on the
Calico of the “Fortune Chicken”
– Non Verbal Communication Across Cultures via Inscription –
Shi-Mei HUANG, Ming-Chyuan HO and Yuan-Hua LU   pp. 161-170

2. Analyzing Affective Factors of Writing Stationery under Office Workers’ Lifestyles
Jui-Che TU, Ye XU and Yu-Shuan CHANG   pp. 171-181

3. Analyzing Generation and Cognition of Emotional Congruence using Empathizing-systemizing Quotient
Layla Chadaporn ANTAKET, Masafumi MATSUDA, Kazuhiro OTSUKA and Shiro KUMANO   pp. 183-192

4. An Experimental Study on the Continuous Patterns of the Influence of Color Focality on Short-term Memory
Performance of Colors
Siyuan FANG and Tatsunori MATSUI   pp. 193-204

5. The Effects of Aging and Illuminance on Perceived Saturation: Direct Scaling and Paired Comparison Scaling
Yoshitaka HINO and Keiko SATO   pp. 205-211

6. Relationship between Dream Anxiety in Recurrent Nightmare and Indefinite Complaints in Patients Undergoing
Maintenance Hemodialysis: A Cross-sectional Study
Yoshihiro TSUJI, Naoki SUZUKI, Yasumasa HITOMI, Yusuke SAKAI, Toshiko TOKORO, Masato NISHIMURA and Yuko MIZUNO-MATSUMOTO   pp. 213-220

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