Bad Connection of Editorial Manager

Bad Connection of Editorial Manager

At present, Editorial Manager (EM) has been experiencing the following issues.

  • Bad connection or slowness
  • Being disturbed by the error message saying “This web page is not available” during some operations within EM
  • Slow reaction of the system when a user clicks any one of action links
  ※ Those issues occur from 10:00 AM to after noon (sometimes until after 3:00 PM), JST, continuously or intermittently.

Thanks to a lot of cooperation by our clients, we found out the following fact, so far.

  • This issue has been occurring only at particular networks from Japan.
This makes us assume that some sort of problem has been occurring somewhere in the connection route from those networks to [].

We are eagerly investigating the issue in cooperation with Aries Systems, the developer of the system.

If you encounter the issue, please try to:

  • access the site after 3:00 PM, JST
  • change the network environment (e.g. switch to portable Wi-Fi connection)

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

| 2015/02/03