The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

June 30, 2015 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering  is now available.
Vo.14 No.3
Special Issue on KEER 2014
Original Articles
  1. Relationship between Jacket Comfort and Stiffness of Adhesive Interlining/ KyoungOk KIM, Chihiro SUGIYAMA and Masayuki TAKATERA/ pp. 137 – 142 

  2. Identification of Common Words for the Evaluation of Clothes’ Appearance and Tactile Sensation in Online Shopping –An Indicator for Producing Images that Express Clothes’ Textures -/ Tomoharu ISHIKAWA, Shunsuke NAKAMORI, Kazuya SASAKI, Keiko MIYATAKE and Miyoshi AYAMA/ pp. 143 – 149
  3. Investigation of Kansei Added Value in Book Publishing Filed by Using AR Contents/ Jue ZHANG, Yu SASAKI, Takeshi TSURUNO, Yuko MATSUURA, Noriko UTSUNOMIYA and Haruaki YAMAMOTO/ pp. 151 – 155 

  4. User Experience in the Threshold Matrix of Public Space – Design Intervention in a Complex Environment – / Awoniyi STEPHEN/ pp. 157 – 166

  5. Detecting Attractive Phrases from Musical Lyrics Focusing on Typical Expressions on Lyrics/ Ryosuke YAMANISHI, Risako KAGITA, Yoko NISHIHARA and Junichi FUKUMOTO/ pp. 167 – 174 

  6. Effect of Smell in Space Perception – Analyzing the Waiting Experience in a Room under Lavender and Orange Scents -/ Alejandra VILAPLANA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA / pp. 175 – 182 

  7. Fostering Trust-based Relationship between Self-care Users and Home Medical Device in Thai and Japanese – Research on the Methods for Incorporating Social Roles in Blood Pressure Monitor to Increase Thai and Japanese User’s Perception of Trustworthiness -/ Sittiphan JIYAVORANANDA and Toshimasa YAMANAKA/ pp. 183 – 191 

  8. Aligning Affective Responses with Fabric Features of Vehicle Seat: An Approach Using the Rasch Measurement Model/ Fabio CAMARGO and Brian HENSON/ pp. 193– 202
  9. Using a Kansei-driven Approach for New Concept Development Activities: What It Implies for Industrial Projects – Different Patterns of Design Activities and Design Information Conveyed -/ Alexandre GENTNER, Carole BOUCHARD and Carole FAVART/ pp. 203 – 213 

  10. Evaluation of the Effect on Viewer Recognition of Viewing at an Angle a Sign with Arrow Markings/ Masaaki KOYAMA, Yuki TAKAHASHI and Hisao SHIIZUKA/ pp. 215 – 221 

  11. Eye Tracking Based Analysis of Effects of Motif Composition on Impressions of Paintings – In the Case of Katsushika Hokusai’s “Thirty-six Views of  Mount Fuji”-/ Yuka NOJO/ pp. 223 – 232
  12. The Difference of Imagery Perception between Visual and Tactile Sensation/ Yung-Ting CHEN and Ming-Chuen CHUANG/ pp. 233 – 240
  13. Applying Eye-Tracking in Kansei Engineering Method for Design Evaluations in Product Development/ Markus KÖHLER, Björn FALK and Robert SCHMITT/ pp. 241 – 251

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