The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

July 31, 2015 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering  is now available.
Vo.14 No.4
Original Articles
  1. Mood Change Caused by ‘Active Art’ that Encourages Touching and Grasping Movements 
    Evaluation of when Operating the ‘Let’s Draw Fireworks!’ Program-/ Kiyomi YOSHIOKA/ pp.253 – 257

  2. Chinese Sensitivity Analysis for the Interior Design of the Automobile/ HyungKun YOON, Kaili FU, Junjun ZHOU, Tian ZHUO and Danwa CHEN/  pp.259 – 268

  3. Causal Relationship between Lighting Conditions and Visual Expectation of Food Products 
    – A Potential of Memory Color – / Takashi TSUJIMURA and Hideyoshi YANAGISAWA / pp.269 – 277

  4. A Study of Visualization on Interactive Interface Design Patterns in Mobile e-Books-/ Chao-Ming WANG and Ching-Hua HUANG/ pp.279 – 288

  5. Construction of Knowledge and Capacity of Green Creativity of Paper Model: Using Model Toys as Examples/ Hong-Yi CHEN, Jui-Che TU and Chuan-Ying HSU/ pp.289 – 298

  6. Analyses of Local Mascot Characters and Proposal of Automatic Character Creation System Using Affective Words/ Maho HOTOGI and Masafumi HAGIWARA / pp.299 – 307

  7. Exploring Emotion in an E-learning System Using Eye Tracking/ Saromporn CHAROENPIT and Michiko OHKURA/ pp.309 – 316

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