The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

July 31, 2017 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering  is now available.
Vo.16 No. 3
Original Articles
1. Impressions of Robot Design in Japanese Anime Series “Mobile Suit Gundam”-A Study using Plastic Models-/Naoto HAYASHI and Masashi YAMADA/ pp.165-171
2. Investigation into Hand Movements to Assess Material Properties of Wood/ Minako SHITARA, Hiroaki YOSHIDA, Masayoshi KAMIJO, Goroh FUJIMAKI and Hodaka YAMAGUCHI/ pp.173-182
3. A Study of Kawaii Feeling using Eye Tracking/ Tipporn LAOHAKANGVALVIT, Ikumi IIDA, Saromporn CHAROENPIT and Michiko OHKURA/ pp.183-189
4. Research into the Application of Kansei Engineering to the Modeling Aesthetic Design of a Numerical Control Machine Tool/ Hong-Yi CHEN, Jui-Che TU and Kun-Chieh WANG/ pp.191-202
5. Color Feature of Luxury Brand Clothing, and its Change in Recent 10 Years/ Qian XIONG, Saori KITAGUCHI and Tetsuya SATO/ pp.203-211
6. Psychophysiological Effects of Aroma Inhalation during a Short-term Cognitive Stressor: A Preliminary Study using Eight Different Aromas/ Sugeeswari LEKAMGE, Masaki NAKACHI, Shu SATO, Kanetoshi ITO and Shusaku NOMURA/ pp.213-220
7. The Influence of Background Objects on Unpleasantness Evoked by Lotus-seed-pods-on-the-living-body Images (“Hasu-colla”)/ Manami FURUNO, Shu IMAIZUMI, Kana MAEDA, Haruo HIBINO and Shinichi KOYAMA/ pp.221-230
8. A Study on the Attractiveness Factors of Wedding Dresses/ Jui-Che TU and Hsing-Tzu CHANG/ pp.231-241

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