The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

April 27, 2018 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

Vo. 17 No. 2
Special Issue on ISASE 2017

Original Articles

1. Developing an International Design Workshop Methodology
– Based on a Design Workshop between a Japanese and a Turkish University-
Yasuko TAKAYAMA and Edward SARICH   pp.57-66

2. Effects of Working Experience of Patternmaker with a Designer on the Efficiency and Performance of Clothing Design
KyoungOk KIM, Masayuki TAKATERA and Tsuyoshi OTANI   pp.67-74

3. Activity and Emotion Recognition for Elderly Health Monitoring
Brahim BENAISSA, Mario KÖPPEN and Kaori YOSHIDA      pp.81-88

4. Affective Font Selection:The Hybrid of Japanese and Latin Typefaces
Qianru QIU, Shu WATANABE and Kengo OMURA   pp.89-98

5. Physiological and Psychological Effects of OLED Lighting Location on Office Work Efficiency
Erina KAKEHASHI, JeongSeo CHOI, Susumu TAKEKAWA, Akira SUZUKI, Masayuki KIMURA and Haruo HIBINO   pp.99-107

6. Effects of Seasons on Impressions of Pictures
Manami TAMAI, Teruhisa HOCHIN and Hiroki NOMIYA      pp.109-118

7. How Different Patterns Affect in Feelings of Goodness
Emika OKUMURA, Fumihiro SHUTOH and Toshimasa YAMANAKA       pp.119-126

8. How does Congruence of Scent and Music Affect People’s Emotions
Chen ZHOU and Toshimasa YAMANAKA      pp.127-136

9. A Moral Judgment System using Attention-based Distributed Representation and Co-occurrence Information
Masahiro YAMAMOTO and Masafumi HAGIWARA  pp.137-145

10. Another Attempt at Estimating the Camera Angle in Ear Recognition
Daishi WATABE, Takanari MINAMIDANI and Hideyasu SAI   pp.147-153

11. Nonlinear Tone Control Method by ThACE for Evaluation of Minute Sounds
Yutaka SUZUKI, Osamu SAKATA, Asobu HATTORI and Masayuki MORISAWA     pp.155-160


Fundamental Consideration on the Process of Product Design using Inference Patterns
-A Case Study on the Combination of Abduction and Induction-
Naoshige AKITA, Yoshitsugu MORITA and Hisao SHIIZUKA     pp.75-80

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