The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

March 29, 2019 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

Vo. 18 No. 2
Special Issue on KEER 2018

Original Articles

1. Kansei Engineering Methodology on Thermal Comfort Studies and Development of Air-conditioning System Attributes
Vithor Hugo Costa da SILVA, Anitawati Mohd LOKMAN and Joao M. Dias PIMENTA
pp. 27-33

2. Exploring the Role of Color in Dining Experience Phase 2:Analyzing Diversity of Choice of Tableware Color, Structure of Explanation Thinking and the Comparison of Emotions between Simple and Detailed Dining Situation Sketches in Young Females
Suomiya BAO and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 35-47

3. The Effect of Group Games on Children’s Subsequent Impressions of Sketch Tasks and on their Design Outcomes
Rodrigo FERNANDES and Toshimasa YAMANAKA
pp. 49-58

4. A Quantification Method of Composite Impression of Products by Externalized Evaluation Words of the Appraisal Dictionary with Review Text Data
Sho HASHIMOTO, Atsuhiro YAMADA and Noriko NAGATA
pp. 59-65

5. Introducing Emotional Bionics to Support Subjective Value Creation in Technical Products
Susan Gretchen ZOLLER, Tina SCHROPPEL and Sandro WARTZACK
pp. 67-76

6. The Role of Communication Tools in the Early-phase Design Process
– A Perspective on Multi-cultural Contexts –
Alejandra VILAPLANA, Alexandre GENTNER and Carole FAVART
pp. 77-83

7. A Proposal and Evaluation of Co-design Tools with a Focus on Anonymity
pp. 85-92

8. Using Gameplay Data for Identifying User’s Learning Experience in an Environment of Digital Gesture Based-game
Hamdan GANI and Kiyoshi TOMIMATSU
pp. 93-100

9. Expressions of Traditional Textiles of India
– A Cultural Probe –
pp. 101-107

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