The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

April 30, 2021 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

Vol. 20 No. 2

Special Issue on ISASE 2020

Original Articles

1. Health State Transition Model by Binary Expression and Cubic Lattice Representation Corresponding to the Specific Health Checkup
Yoshiaki MIYAUCHI, Norihiko HASHIMOTO and Haruhiko NISHIMURA
pp. 49-55

2. Smart Shirt Respiratory Monitoring to Detect Car Driver Drowsiness
Emi YUDA, Yutaka YOSHIDA and Junichiro HAYANO
pp. 57-62

3. Analysis of Impression Evaluation of Fragrances Associated with ‘Omotenashi’ in Elderly People using Perfumes
-Including Comparative with Young People-
Harumi NAKAGAWA and Noriaki KUWAHARA
pp. 63-68

4. Verification of PBL Activation Methodologies by the SECI Model in Entrepreneurship Education Program
-The VIA Model for Fostering the Preliminaries of Entrepreneurial Intentions-
Koichi TAKAHASHI and Masahiro KIYOSUMI
pp. 69-78

5. Emotional Responses to Chinese Characters: Exploration for Simplified, Traditional Chinese and Japanese Typefaces
Qianru QIU, Shu WATANABE and Kengo OMURA
pp. 79-85

6. Cultural and Gender Differences and Similarities of Impressions of Sound Clips and Pictures
Teruhisa HOCHIN, Qiyu YANG and Hiroki NOMIYA
pp. 87-93

7. A Support System for Artful Design of Tessellations Drawing using CNN and CG
Luyi HUANG, Shigaku TEI, Yilang WU and Hisao SHIIZUKA
pp. 95-104

8. Estimation of Office Worker’s Emotion Types Using Two-dimensional Model Consisted of Biometric Signals
Junichiro HAYANO, Tetsuya TANABIKI, Shinichiro IWATA, Katsumi ABE and Emi YUDA
pp. 105-110

9. Measurement of Spatial and Verbal Working Memory Using N-Back Task by Near-infrared Spectroscopy
Kota KANO and Hisaya TANAKA
pp. 111-117

10. Effective Trigger to Emotional Causal Relationship at Powder Room
-Influence of Emotional Structure from Social Relationship-
Yuka FUJIMOTO, Toshiyuki SAITO and Yukari TAKAKU
pp. 119-125



| 2021/04/30