The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering is now available.

January 30, 2015 [New issue]
The new issue of International Journal of Affective Engineering  is now available.
Vo.14 No.1

Original Article
1. Exploration of Comfortable Sound Space for Migraine Patients- Investigation of Phonophobia to Household Noises – /Tomoharu ISHIKAWA, Tomoya KOMATSUZAKI, Minoru MITSUI, Muneto TATSUMOTO, Hiroshi HASEGAWA and Koichi HIRATA/ pp.1-8
2. Mental Stress Recognition based on Non-invasive and Non-contact Measurement from Stereo Thermal and Visible Sensors/ MOHD NORZALI Haji Mohd, Masayuki KASHIMA, Kiminori SATO and Mutsumi WATANABE/ pp.9-17
3. Effects of LED Color Temperature and Illuminance on Customers’ Emotional States and Spatial Impressions in a Restaurant/ Tyan Yu WU and Sheng-Guang WANG/ pp.19-29
4. Statistics-Based Interactive Evolutionary Computation for Color Scheme Search/ Ken ISHIBASHI and Kazunori MIYATA/ pp.31-41
5. Integration of Impressions for Young Japanese Women’s Clothing Coordination/ Yuko MASAKURA and Sumio OHNO/ pp.43-50
6. Differences of Psychological and Physiological Responses between Mono- and Multi-sensory Information on Clothing Pressure Sensation/ Mayumi UEMAE, Tomohiro UEMAE and Masayoshi KAMIJO/ pp.51-56
7. Spatial Evaluation Method of Impression Considering Vagueness of Kansei and its Characteristics/ Shunsuke AKAI, Teruhisa HOCHIN and Hiroki NOMIYA/ pp.57-64
8. Experimental Verification of Psychophysiological Index of Excitement/ Masaji YAMASHITA/ pp.65-71
9. Comparison of Immersive Feeling Effects between Three Wide-angle Image Projection Techniques/ Mie SATO, Satoru SUGAWARA, Masao KASUGA, Kenji HONDA and Naoki HASHIMOTO/ pp.73-78
10. Exploring Cognitive and Perceptual Styles over Cultural Diversity – Focus on the African and East Asian Cultures -/ Oluwafemi S. ADELABU and Toshimasa YAMANAKA/ pp.79-84

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