1 Purpose of Making Things by FUUDO Technology
– For Synergetic Effect of Humanities and Sciences

7 User Friendly Pointing Device for People with Severe Physical Disabilities Using Infrared Light
Takuro HATAKEYAMA, Yoshiki KOIZUMI, and Masao KASUGA

15 Influence of Consumers’ Awareness of the Environment over their Purchasing Behaviors, and Pursuit of Environment-Conscious Product Concepts (2)
– Comparison between Daily Necessaries and Durable Goods
Shin’ya NAGASAWA and Pi-Ju TSAI

25 Analysis of Features of an Unique Evaluation Point and its Common Recognition in the Sensory Evaluation
– Estimation of Impression in Designing (1)
Takashi TAGAWA, Koichi KAWATA and Takao TAKANASHI

33 Analysis of the Desirable Images for Clothes in Modern Society

39 Vibration Analysis and Design Problems of the Vehicles Modified with the Wheelchair Transporting Apparatus
Yoshiyuki MATSUOKA

47 Vibration Simulation Model for the Transportation of Wheelchair-Bound Passengers
Yoshiyuki MATSUOKA

53 Vibration Evaluation Model on the Wheelchair Transporting Apparatus
Yoshiyuki MATUOKA


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