Special Issue of Biometrics and Kansei Engineering: Call for Extended Papers of ICBAKE 2015

Special Issue of Biometrics and Kansei Engineering:
Call for Extended Papers of ICBAKE 2015
(2015 International Conference on Biometrics And Kansei Engineering).

A forth coming volume of International Journal of Affective Engineering (IJAE) will be published as a Special Issue of Biometrics and Kansei Engineering. The objective of this Special Issue is to discuss new theories and applications related to “Kansei” in Biometrics and Kansei Engineering field.
This Special Issue solicits extended paper submission from people who presented their original works in the ICBAKE 2015, held in Warsaw, Poland on November 24-26, 2015.

Authors are requested to submit a manuscript which contains 6 to 10 printed pages, as a Portable
Document Format (PDF) file. A research or technical note, which is less than or equal to 4 printed pages, will be considered as a short paper.
All manuscripts have to be prepared in accordance with the JSKE’s Rules for Publication. For more information on the submission, please read over the descriptions at “Submit a Paper” in the website below:

Moreover, for each paper submission, we request authors to add one cover page that describes
(1) Paper title and authors’ names, affiliations, and contact information with e-mail address,
(2) Abstract of the paper,
(3) Description that briefly clarifies what is the difference between the already published
paper in ICBAKE2015 Proceedings and the submitted paper for this Special Issue.

Deadline of paper submission : January 31th, 2016.
The deadline is extended to February 29, 2016
The deadline is extended to March 31, 2016

Submission Fees: 10,500 yen
Page Fees: https://www.jske.org/publication/guide/

For papers submission, use our reviewing system, the editorial manager (EM), by logging in here:

By this system, you may also check the progress of your paper review.

If you enter into EM, choose “Article” or “Note” in Article Type, next step choose “Special Issue” in Select Section /Category, and enter “Special Issue on 2015 ICBAKE” in Enter Comment.
Then, you will be able to upload your paper. The paper format for submission is limited to Adobe PDF.

If the prospective authors have any questions, please contact to:
Editors of the special issue
Makoto Fukumoto (E-mail: fukumoto@fit.ac.jp) Fukuoka Institute of Technology
Jun-ichi Imai (E-mail: imai@cs.it-chiba.ac.jp) Chiba Institute of Technology

Call for Papers | 2015/11/02